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Alexandra Kiser with Co-Producer Leon Kennedy
Adekunle & Kimberly pose as a couple
Alexandra Kiser& Johnetta
Billy Foster, Andrew Walker as Bartleman & Seymour
Casting Director Ann Ross with Alexandra Kiser
Tracye as Jennie listening to Seymour preach
Teresa Berkin & Billy Foster
Our Makeup Artist hard at work
Kimberly Williams as Lucy Farrow
Casting Director Jacov Bresler with Alexandra Kiser
Teresa has her Portrait taken as one of theWomen of Azusa
Tracye as Jennie reading her Bible
Alexandra Kiser& Teresa reading Bible
Re-enactment Group at Bonnie Brae House Museum
Director Matt Long with Producer Leon Kennedy
Holy Ghost Praying
Tracye Isaac playing Jennie Seymour sings as cast & crew look on
Lucy & Bartleman being taught
Actors playing Rachel Size love & Jennie Moore Seymour praying in the Holy Spirit
Co-producer: Tim Storey
Tim, Leading Church Historian Dr. Vinson Synan, Leon
Co-Producer Tim Storey with Editor, Auti Angel

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"For Christians, 312 Azusa Street will be one of the most famous addresses in the world."
Dr. Vinson Synan

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