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From Left to Right: Leon Kennedy, Dr. Morris Cerullo, Tim Storey 
From Left to Right: Leon Kennedy, Pastor Benny Hinn, Tim Storey 
A Message from Tim and Leon

We had preserved special segments from these precious interviews and artifacts for this 100 Year Documentary Celebration.

Due to the importance and significance of the AZUSA STREET REVIVAL, if Jesus tarries, these teaching documentaries will be around long after all of us have left this place.

It is our great hope and prayer that these anointed documentaries will be used as teaching tools - as a reminder to this generation and those to come of the great legacy we have with a Living, Loving God.

And that these documentaries will help Fan The Flames for a New and Great Revival.

We urge you to watch these documentaries over and over. They will truly revolutionize your spiritual life!

By truly watching, and listening, and then learning what these spiritual pioneers did -- you will receive a spiritual crash course in Prayer -- Worship and how to tap in - to become truly Sensitive to God.

“His Flow”, will become “Your Flow” and soon your Prayers will Penetrate and impact the lives of others!

We urge that you view these stories not -- as an observer, but a participant.

That you learn to Fan The Flames of Revival in your own -- home -- family -- relationships -- finances, church and city.

With much Love
and “His Blessings”

Tim Storey - Leon Isaac Kennedy

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Historical Videos
Life changing documentaries!

"For Christians, 312 Azusa Street will be one of the most famous addresses in the world."
Dr. Vinson Synan

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