Our Labor Of Love

In 1992, evangelist Tim Storey and Leon Isaac Kennedy teamed up to present a gift to the Body of Christ, the complete documented story of THE AZUSA STREET REVIVAL. Amazingly, the entire story had never been documented and formatted to be preserved for church history — or as a legacy for this future generation. Tim and Leon spent over two years accumulating data and research. Leon used his over 20 years of experience as a top Hollywood writer, producer to capture the elements, the story and especially The Spirit of a great event that has almost been forgotten and at best was only remembered in foggy fragments by a select few.

Now, with the 100 Year Celebration close at hand, many others are getting involved.

• Others may now read bullet points from research web pages as if they are now authorities on Azusa and William Seymour.
However, those in the know point out that back in 1992, over a decade ago, it was Tim Storey and Leon that produced the entire story and got it aired on TBN to put the story and spirit of “The Azusa Street Revival” on the Spiritual Consciousness and mind set for the Body of Christ.

Now, for the 100 Year Celebration, we want you to know what you are celebrating!

We invite you to participate in these authentic documentaries that took years of labor and research that started back in 1992.
These labors of love contain never before seen interviews, comments, remarks, and artifacts that are irreplaceable — and that can never again be obtained.

The last eyewitness accounts — they were children, but had vivid memories of their parents and others and how things were at The Azusa Mission.

• “It was so hot” – you know there was no air conditioning back in those days.
• “The place was swarming with flies” – Fly eggs had hatched from it being a converted stable.
• “They took no offerings.”
• “There was no organized choir. Oh, but when the people started to sing it was like we were singing with angels.”
• “Then the presence of God would waft into the room and when the presence of God hit — It was not man orchestrated. All throughout the room different people were touched in different ways — but all at the same time.”
• “There were times that the fire department came out” — because outside observers reported flames on the roof!
• “There was not a fire!” It was just God’s glory on the building!

All of these eyewitness accounts, that we were blessed to interview have now passed on.
An eyewitness account from Charles Bartleman’s son, who saved the wood carved mission address when the mission was torn down and is now deceased.

And watch as the late Presiding Bishop of The Church Of God In Christ, Bishop Ford describes his times with Church Of God In Christ founder Bishop Mason and Bishop Mason’s memories of the life changing impact Azusa had on him. It was because of what he experienced at Azusa that Bishop Mason was led to start The Church Of God In Christ.