$25 per DVD

The William Seymour Story
From Tragedy to Triumph to Obscurity
The Story That Must Be Told!
He dared to follow God. The results - he was a Catalyst that helped change the world!

A must viewing for every Christian leader.

Most have never heard of William Seymour, yet prestigious Yale Church Historian, Sydney Ahlstrom remarks, "Seymour exerted a greater influence upon American Christianity than any other Black Leader."

Within one year not only the United States, but fifty other nations were touched as 312 Azusa Street became one of the most famous addresses in the world!

Listen as today's outstanding church historians, Dr. Vinson Synan, Dr. Leonard Lovett, and the Presiding Bishop of The Church of God in Christ, -- Dr. Cecil M. Roebeck, Jim Zieglar and others relate how this outpouring swept throughout the world and has now encompassed over 600 million people!


If you order the three set historical package, get all three for $60, a savings of $15.

60 minutes devoted to exploring the triumphs and tragedies of the heretofore forgotten William Seymour.


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