$25 per DVD

The Women of Azusa Street
God's Anointed Hand-Maidens
The Forgotten Legacy!

The year was 1906, more than a full decade before the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote.

Yet at the Azusa Street Mission these women had shared participation and leadership responsibilities, not because it was politically correct, -- but because they were anointed to do so!

A core group of women-- "God's anointed hand-maidens" -- that literally helped pray in the Spiritual Revival, that shook the world!

Their story has been forgotten?--Neglected?- Ignored?

We dare to tell Their Story!

The Women of Azusa Street!

The Forgotten Legacy!


If you order the three set historical package, get all three for $60, a savings of $15.

60 minutes to explore the story and honor the lives of God's Hand-Maidens, The Women of Azusa.


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